updated October 7, 2014

Book pick

Astra Taylor's new book, The People's Platform, describes in referenced detail how today's corporate culture thwarted the democratic utopian ideals of early Internet developers.

News Mindful McMakin

The New York Times interviews artist Roy McMakin (doesn't call himself a furniture designer) about his "latest introductions" on exhibit at the Lora Reynolds Gallery, Austin, Texas, until November 8.

News Safe soy

Uniboard, based in Laval, Quebec, released Nu Green Soya, a water-resistant particleboard with no added formaldehyde (NAF), using patented water-based soy and proprietary cross-linking resins.

News LED cure

Invaluable to designers and manufactures, this highly technical 69-page report from Radtech explains recent developments in the curing of furniture finishes using UV-LED technology.

News Students design

Worth a total of 30,000 euros, the 2015 iF Student Design Awards invite students worldwide to submit designs to the jury of international experts. Deadline: December, 15.

News 3D printing tips

Adobe provides tips on using Photoshop CC to create, refine, preview and print 3D models.

News Barcelona design

The Barcelona Design Centre database lists 19 professionals working in furniture and lighting design.

News Paula protects

Paula Day, daughter of Robin and Lucienne Day, talks to Dezeen about her foundation to protect the unauthorized use of her parents' name by manufacturers.

Find Learn right

The UK's Furniture Industry Research Association (FIRA) publishes a 12-page booklet that advocates purchasing school furniture to meet the needs of today's learning environments instead of using the "cost driven approach."

Find Chair timeline

Minnesota Public Radio hosts this history of chair design from the three-legged Plimouth chair (circa 1627) to the Aeron chair (1994) designed by Dan Chadwick and Bill Stumpf.

Find Wood tones

University of Belgrade graduate Uros Jankovic combined wood's traditional acoustical properties with modern technology to design his Terca table.

News ACID actions

The new UK Intellectual Property Act makes "intentionally infringing a registered design and producing a copy that differs from an original in only immaterial respects . . . a criminal offence punishable by up to 10 years in prison."

News Blue eggs

The Canadian Architect reports Danish furniture brand Republic of Fritz Hansen introduced a limited edition of Arne Jacobsen's iconic Egg™ Chair in indigo blue fabric favoured by Jacobsen.

News Illegal lead

Australian retailer (smow) used a portable XRF analyser to compare the physical properties of a French-made Tolix® stool to a "knock off" and found the copy had elevated levels of lead in the paint and welds and other quality and mechanical issues.

News Isokon at 80

Videos sponsored by London-based retailer Skandium document the 80th anniversary of Isokon and recent developments in the design and manufacture of Isokon furniture.

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